Division of Housing and Community Resources

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Screening Process

Screening takes about 1-2 minutes to complete, and you will need to provide income information.

Assistance Programs Provided By New Jersey

DCA has a variety of programs that can help you with rent/heating costs, prevention of eviction, reduction of utility bills, and removal of lead hazards from your home.

Rental Assistance

Helps low-income families pay rent through a Housing Choice Voucher.
Helps low-income families pay rent through a State-funded voucher.
Helps low-income individuals diagnosed with AIDS pay rent through a voucher.
Helps armed service veterans pay rent with a voucher.

Homelessness and Eviction Prevention

Offers help to people facing eviction through payment of back rent.
Offers relocation and temporary rental assistance to low income families.

Home Energy Assistance

Helps low-income residents with their heating/cooling bills, offers emergency heating system repair and emergency fuel assistance.
Temporary arrearage program that helps low to moderate income residents with their overdue gas and electric payments.

Other Programs

Increases home energy efficiency in low-income households and reduces cost of utility bills.
Provides lead safe repairs and removal of lead hazards to low income households.

Additional Resources

A guide to the rights and responsibilities of residential tenants and landlords in New Jersey.

If you are interested in viewing more useful websites and programs, feel free to navigate to this page and learn more about them.